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Summer Playschemes 

Summer Playschemes  Harris Voluntary Service provides Summer Playschemes in Tarbert Community Centre and Leverburgh  Village Hall for four weeks during the Summer holidays.   The Playschemes provide supervised, stimulating and healthy activities for children from the ages of 8-12.  They provide gainful activities and education which means that the children are given a taste of enjoyable  pastimes and are kept from less desirable pursuits during the weeks off school.   Four supervisors are employed and they are allowed to be flexible so they can lay programmes and  activities that suit the particular needs of the groups each year and have beach activities when the  weather permits.   Feedback from previous playschemes has allowed Harris Voluntary Service to develop the project along  the lines requested by the participants and at the start of each session the Supervisors consult with the  children about the kind of activities they want.
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